GUIBERT Andreas/Canada

(June 8, 1955, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Description of the Project
This project, is the conclusion of a body of work that started with a computer generated video executed at CFAT (Center for ArtTapes, Computer Scholarship 1997) in Nova Scotia, Canada and is based on events that occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the late 70' and early 80'(see video enclosed).
The complexity and multiplicity of issues that the video presented, inspired me to create a New Media interactive project that addresses in multiple layers the semantics of body politics, performance art and military repressive regimes amongst other subject matters.

In its present interactive format "Confessions of an innocent bystander" embodies and reflects concepts that examine the dialectics of power games and power structures that permeates narratives of individual development under fascist regimes in Argentina and to some extent, South America in general.

I created this work based on events that were tinted by memories and personal experience. While waiting for research material and documentation from Argentina, I started the project manipulating images of previous works towards an overall aesthetics that attempted to de-construct the conformation of cultural identity under military governments and the formation of the homo-erotic gaze in proto-fascist regimes. Once the material arrived from Argentina I felt compelled to edit what I had produced so far in order to overlap the tension between the content of the documentation and the creative aspect of my recollections.

The performative and formal aspects of the work, with the intention of being manipulated by both computer user (on line) and gallery audience (on site) as navigational strategy were documented as:
1. a video-performance entitled "Rehearsal" during the "99°C/F Contemporary Performance Festival" at Anna Leonowells Gallery, 1999 (see p. 5)
2. a tableau viviant entitled "Restitution". Eye level Gallery, NS, Canada. 2001
3. New Media Components to be present at Confessions of an innocent bystander web site: QuickTime movies. Macromedia Flash 3 animations, (see p. 4,6)

The dramatic content of the project, in some cases ameliorated, reflects my evolving feelings and positions regarding the way military governments in South America, particularly in Argentina, had conformed my life previous to my immigration to Canada.
I feel that Confessions of an innocent bystander in its very nature allows for the experimentation in New Media practice, particularly in the ways I envisioned it to present its contents and the design of navigational routes in order to reflect these contesting subject matterson the WWW.

1973 Grade 12 Cardenal Newman College
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1982 BA in Visual Arts
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Currently writing a master's thesis in Art Education at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Title of the thesis: Looking out from the Virtual Eye. Topic: Technology Assisted Learning, New Media and Prosthetics.

Media Workshops
- Super 8. Atlantic Film Coop. Tom Fitzgerald-Andrew Ellis
- Scripttwriting. Moving Images Group.Halifax, NS
- Directing documentaries. Moving Image Group. Halifax, NS
- Editing Documentaries. Moving Image Group. Halifax. NS
- 3D Animations. Con.Ed. NSCAD. Halifax. NS
- ID Collective. (Technical training. Macromedia Director. Adobe Photshop, Adobe PageMill. Adobe Premiere. Macromedia Flash
- Computer Animation and Storyboarding. Macromedia Flash. Macromedia Director. Center for Art tapes.

2000 Nova Scotia Arts Council. Grant. ID Outreach in New Media
1999  MT&T New Media Award interactive web installation "Ivory Towers". (U/ C)
 Artspots. CBC National Broadcasting. Selected artist
1998  MT&T New Media Award for an interactive web installation "Ivory Towers". MT&T New Media Award for groups. ID Collective (Bob Rogers, Doug Porter, Liz MacDougall, Julie Lapalrne, Andreas Guibert) Art Bank. Video acquisition
1997 Computer scholarship through the Center for Art Tapes
1996  Skill development for professional artist and resource person. Grant

1999  11th Annual Out on Screen Film Festival. Ivory Towers. Vancouver.CA
Performance/Video/New Media
1999 99° C/F Contemporary Performance Art Festival.
Performance piece: Rehearsal
1998 Far & Wide. Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Video
 Contested Practices. Independent Curators Group. Halifax. NS. Panelist
1997 Actions. Halifax Festival of Time Based Art. Suicide for Artists. Eyelevel Gallery
 Performance Bytes. First Interactive performances on www.
 Subject/Ophelia. Center for Art Tapes
 Ivory Towers. Video Performance. Computer Scholarship.97. CFAT
 7 deadly Sins. CMagazine. Toronto. Canada
1996 Eyelevel exchange
1995 First International Video Festival. ICI. Argentina
 Khyber Society, group show
1993 Corpus Philosophorum Installation. 00 Gallery( invited, artist)
 As a Bird.Video. St. Mary's Art Gallery. Twin City Exchange Program
1992 Rerum Naturae. 00 Gallery. Installation
 Memory et Reminiscentia. 00 Gallery. Installation
 Condemned works. Sackville Building. Installation
1989 Tra Scilla e Cariddi. Milan, Italy
 Intemattionale Grafik-Austellung. Frechen Germany
1988 Twenty-Second Congress, International Critic Association. Video-Installation
 18 Yokosura Exhibition of Art. Yokosura, Japan
 Topology and Aesthetics. Buenos Aires City Museum. Argentina
 Buenos Aires-Prague- Buenos Aires. Czechoslovakia
1987 IX Critic Association. Video Installation
 Ascension Myths. Interactive Performance. Argentina
 Latin American Biennial of works on paper. ALAV Argentina
 17 Yokosura Exhibition. Japan
1986 International Exhibition. Budapest, prints
 Fiatal Mveszek Klubja, Hungary
 Visual Art Museum. Santa Fe, Argentina
 Alberto Elia Gallery Solo show. Argentina
 Prague National Gallery. Czechoslovakia. Group Show
 Proyetto Rosso/ Proyetto Vermelho. Alvares Penteado Foundation, Brazil/ Argentina/ Italy
 Intergrafic 87. Berlin DDR
1985 Contemporary Art Museum. 3 Artists Sao Paulo Brazil
 Centre Cultural Gral San martin. Installation, Argentina
1984 Centre Cultural Vergueiro. Performance. Sao Paulo Brazil
 Homage from the Visual Arts to Democracy. (End of military governments in Argentina and
 Instauration of Democracy). Installation

Conferences and Panels
2000 Input 2000. International Public Broadcasting TV. Halifax. NS. CA
 Engaging the Virtual: The Interface between New technologies and Contemporary
 Art. Halifax.NS.CA
1998 Contested Practices. A symposium on Contemporary Curating. Halifax. NS CA
 Curating and Conserving New Media. Banff Center for the Arts. AB. Canada
1988 La Imagen Sublime/ The Sublime Image. ICI. Spain /Argentina
1986 Fire as Metaphor. Teatro del Parque. Argentina
 Searching for a Sutural Space. Museo de Artes Visuales. Santa Fe. Argentina
1985 Rites and games. Cultural Center Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
 Anatheme. Contemporary Art Museum. Sao Paulo, Brasil
1984 Passage Rites. Mannerism and Simulacrum. Centre Cultural Vergueiro. Sao Paulo, Brazil

2000 Harriet Ross. Urge, Urge and Urge. Annapolis Royal Art Gallery. NS (catalogue)
 Center for Art Tapes. Review on Wayne Baerwaldt's Failure & its Discontents
1996 Eyelevel Gallery. Gallery Brochures
1993 Ceorphanus Project. Rod Malay. Public Monuments, Communities and Sociology
1989 Topology and Aesthetics. Congress Library. Buenos Aires. Argentina
1985 Rites and Games. Cultural Center "Ciudad de Buenos Aires". Argentina . Anathemata.
 Contemporary Art Museum. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Center for Art tapes. Board Member
ID Collective. Eyelevel Gallery, member
00 Gallery founder member
ILGA member

'Confessions of an innocent bystander'
Installation: includes video performance
news reals documentaries
quicklime movies
computer graphics
laser prints photographs
Year: In progress (1999/2000/2001)

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