CAVENG Barbara/Germany

(born in 1963, Zurich/ Switzerland)
Lives and woks in Berlin, Germany

Brief description:

"Finalmeals" reacts on authentic material from the deathrow-jail in Huntsville, Texas.
On the personal files of the prisoners sentenced to death one can find - beside some biographic information and a description of the crimes, the delinquents committed -
their last request for their "final meal". The form is illustrated by a photograph of the person.

I chose several "menus", cooked it and arranged it in a manner to show "the character" of the meals: some seem to have the remembrance character of a favourite childhood-meal, others of a familiar Sunday lunch, others again look like a ritual dish. The arranged meals were photographed and presented in the exhibition as slides in blacklightboxes.
They were shown in specially developed steelcases of 40cm x40cm x18cm with a pane
on one side to pull, showing the execution protocol.
Additional installed two audiostations where visitors had the opportunity to listen to "final statements" (means the last words the delinquents speak before getting the lethal injection). I recorded the original words with four american voices.

1982-86 studies at the "hochschule fur musik und darstellende kunst", Graz  
1996 internat.sommerakademy, Salzburg; installation (prof.jacobo borges)
2000 lecturer in the subject matter of installation art at the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institut,
Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universitat, Greifswald
2001 scholarship for Moscow of the Senate of Berlin

Projects and exhibitions (selection)
2000 the 5th commandement, festival of visions, Hongkong
2000 visionen 2000, museum of modern art, St.Ingbert, finalmeals
2000 "...und ab die post 2000", 4th festival for young experimental art, Berlin, finalmeals
2000 tasty, gallery projects united, art Frankfurt
2000 ...waltigt...wald (...rape.....forest), kunstetage dock4, Kassel
1999 yes they do, gallery projects united, art Zurich
1999 kataplexie, kunstbunker, Nurnberg
1999 brides even, gallery dirty windows, Berlin
1999 2000 - 2, saarlandisches kunstlerhaus, saarbrucken, gallery prima kunst, Kiel
1999 "...und ab die post 1999"; 2000 - 2, 3rd festival for young experimental art, Berlin
1999 kunstkasten, saarl.kunstlerhaus
1998 art-vent, galerie/edition lutz fiebig, Berlin
1998 kein schoner land ("no other country as beautiful..." - title of a well known german traditional), galerie auf zeit, Mannheim; exhibition hall of the ministry for economy of the Saar; museum giesserei -sprachraum & gallery lutz fiebig, Berlin
1998 performing hefeteig, caspar -david -friedrich -institut fur kunstwissenschaften
ernst -moritz -arndt -universitat, Greifswald
1997 die katastrophe II (catastrophe II), installations in wax in co-operation with the department of art, city of Saarbrucken
1997 schweizer kunstlerInnen in berlin (swiss artist in berlin), gallery marianne grob
1998 kunstszene saar, landeskunstausstellung saarland museum St.Ingbert
1997 perspektive 97, festival of female artists, karlsruhe97
1996 die erinnerung der schmerz (memory and pain), alte hauptpost saarbrucken
in co-operation with the department of art, city of Saarbrucken
1996 die erinnerung der schmerz, installation with four caskets, kasematten der festung hohensalzburg, intern. akademy of fine arts, Salzburg
1995 daheim (home), installations, gallery nina blau, Ludwigshafen
1995 lange nacht im cafe schubert (one night in cafe Schubert), one night exhibition in a very famous old fashioned coffee shop comparable with the Cafe Kranzler in Berlin
in co-operation with the department of art, city of Saarbrucken
1994 position 94, young art of the Saar
1992/93 sculptures to europe, sculpture project for the public space on behalf of the ministry of culture of the Saar

96 die erinnerung der schmerz (memory and pain)
97 die katastrophe II
97 kunstszene saar
99 2000minus2
99 kunstkasten
99 "und ab die post 1999"
00 "und ab die post 2000"
00 visionen 2000
97 publication in "art in the public space of the twon of saarbrucken"
published by the institut for contemporary art of the Saar

installation, 2000

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