AES Group/Russia

Artists united as a group in 1987.

Group's members:
Arzamasova Tatyana
Was born in 1955, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1978, was occupied with conceptual architecture. Award winner "Grand-Prix" of a jointly OISTT and UNESCO competition "Theatre of Future". Participated in conceptual architecture exhibitions in London, Paris, Venice.
Evzovitch Lev
Was born in 1958, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1982, was occupied with conceptual architecture. The OISTT competition Prise winner "The Tour Theatre" in Stockholm. With the group of Soviet "Paper Architecture" was exibited in "XVII Triennale di Milano" 1988; exhibition "Papier Architectur", Deutches Architectur museum, Francfurt-on-Main, 1989; "Paper Architecture", La Vilette, Paris, 1988.
Worked as art director in animation film (6 films), as director in papet animation film. Also worked as art director in film "Sunset" (live action, "Mosfilm" studio).
Svyatsky Evgeny
Was born in 1957, graduated trom Moscow Poligraphic Institute (departament of the book graphic arts) in 1980. Participated in international poster competitions. Occupied with book and advertising design, poster and graphic art. Worked as creative director in few publishing houses in Moscow.

Personal exhibitions of AES group:
1989 "Apollo Enspiring an Epic Poet", "House 100" Gallery, Moscow.
"Apollo Enspiring an Epic Poet", "Howard Yezersky" Galley, Boston, USA.
Representation and performance in Carpenter Center (Harvard University), Cambrige, USA.
1990 "Pathetische Rhetorik", InterArt Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
1991 "East-West" Gallery, London, England.
"Das Irdische Paradies", ifa-Galerie Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Germany.
1992 Scholarship in Salzau, Cultural Center of Schlemiig-Holstein, Germany.
"AES - Drei Kunstler aus Moskau", Die Galerie der Stadt Esslingen, Germany.
"Children's Bible", Salzau, Cultural Center Of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.
1993 "The Art of Possibilities", Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
1994 "Kain and Abel", Caspar Bingemer Gallery, Hamburg, Germany.
"Scar", Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
1995 "Body Space", State Center of Contemporary Art Moscow.
Scholarship in Internationale Austausch Ateliers Region Basel, CMS, Switzerland.
"A Nineteenth Centure Russian Landscape", Internationale Austausch Ateliers Region Basel, CMS, Switzerland.
"Family Portrait in the Interior", XL Gallery, Moscow.
"The Trauma of the Spine", Reserve Palace, Tzarskoe Selo, St. Petersburg.
"A Nineteenth Centure Russian Landscape" Academie der Kunste, Berlin.
"Prince and Beggar" Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
1996 "Moscow - Berlin, than everywhere..." Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
1997 "AES Travel Agency to the Future", Neue Galerie, Graz, Austria.
"AES Today", Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Gent, Belgium.
Scholarship in Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France.
1998 "3 Penny Show", Rutgers University, Mason Gross School of Art, New Brunswick (NJ), USA.
"The Yellow is cooking, the White is eating", Art Media Center "TV Gallery", Moscow.
"Islamic Project" "Overcoat-Gallery", Moscow .

Main group exhibitions:

1986 Hermitage Society, Belyaevo, Moscow.
1987 Exhibition of Youth Artists of Soviet Union, Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow.
1988 "Eidos", Palace of Youth, Moscow.
"18th Exhibition of Youth Moscow Artists", Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow.
1989 "Drawing of Moscow Artists",Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1990 Tampere Art Museum, Tampere, Rnland.
"Exhibition of Book Graphic Arts", Moscow.
"Moscow in Cambridge", Emmanuel Colledge, Cambrige, England.
1991 Exhibition in Imperial Colledge, London.
"Six Russian Artists Around a Book", National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden.
"Exercises Aesthetiques", Museum "Estate Kuskovo of XVIII century", Moscow.
"Ars Baltica Prolog. Face to Face", Kunsthalle, Kiel, Germany.
"Ars Baltica Prolog. Face to Face", Exhibition Hall "Latvija", Riga.
1992 "Ars Baltica Prolog. Face to Face", Kunstlerhaus "Betanien", Berlin.
"Still", Kiev, Ukraine.
"Diaspora", Central House of Artists, Moscow.
"Festival of Moscow Galleries", Aidan Gallery, Moscow.
1993 "Conversion", Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
"Moscow Art Fair - ART-MIF", Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow.
"777", Museum of Contemporary Art, Stockholm; Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth Reykjavik Art Museum; Nova Gallery, Bratislava; Rheinoper Cultural Center, Duisburg.
"Art Hamburg", Hamburg, Germany.
1994 "Conversion", Guelman Gallery, Helsinki, Rnhnd.
1995 "Multiplication", "Kashirka" Exhibition Hall, Coliection of Contemporary Art of Tzaritzino Museum, Moscow.
"Autumn Exhibition", Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
"Kiev Art Meeting" Ukrainian House, "Alipiy" Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
"Zeitgenossische Fotokunst aus Moskau" Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin.
"Moskau meets Berlin", Berliner Firmen prasentieren Moscauer Kunstlerinnen und Kunstler (Aengevelt Immobilienmakler, Dresdner Bank AG, Fritz Palm "Burototal" Buromaschinen-Burobedarf GMbH, Mercedes-Benz AG), Horn+Stammer Art Management, Berlin, Germany.
1996 "1st International Photobienalle", House of Artist on Kuznetsky Most, Moscow. "European Art Forum", Ber1in, Germany.
"Contemporary Russian Photographie", "La Base" Center of Contemporary Art, Paris.
1997 "Forum of Art Initiatives", Maliy Manege, Moscow.
"The World of the Perceptible Things in Pictures - End of the 20th century", Pushkin State Museum of the Fine Arts, M'ars Gallery, Moscow.
"AES Today", Centre for Contemporary Art "Ujazdowski Castle", Warsaw.
1998 "2th International Photobienalle", Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), Moscow.
"Medialisation", Edsvik Art Centre, Stockholm.
"Academy of the Cold", Museum of Fine Arts, Odessa.

video- in process (AES+F), 2000

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