MACLENNAN Alastair/Northern Ireland

(born 3 February 1943, Blair Atholl, Scotland)
Research Professor in Fine Art, Univesity of Ulster, Belfast, Northern Ireland Honorary Fellow, Dartington College of Art, Devon, England

This project is to commemorate the names of all those killed as a result of the political troubles in Northern Ireland, between the years of 1969 and 1996. The pages of names are numbered 1 to 32. These are of transparent acetate. Between each of these pages is a blank acetate sheet, untitled "as is".

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, Scotland
DA and Post Diploma.
Teacher Training, College of Education, Dundee, Scotland
Specialist Art Teaching Certificate
School of Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA
MFA Degree

Employment from 1978 to present
Professor in Fine Art, University of Ulster at Belfast
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, University of Ulster at Belfast
Senior Course Tutor in charge of MA Fine Art, University of Ulster at Belfast
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, and Course Tutor for MA Fine Art, Ulster Polytechnic,
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Ulster Polytechnic, Art and Design Centre.
Course Tutor for postgraduate studies in Painting and Sculpture
Open University Tutor for "Art and Environment".

Exhibited from 1964 year.
In recent years an important strand of his work has been researching how to commemorate or witness all of those who have been killed as a result of the Political Troubles in Northern Ireland. This has resulted in making numerous performances and installations on this subject, presented internationally in a range of countries, including America, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland.
Representing Ireland at the Venice Biennale, 1997. "Body of (D)earth" - Installation (and Live Work), Galleria Nuova Icona, Giudecca, Venice, Italy

Selected Awards
Winner in the Visual Art Category of the 1998 Belfast Arts Awards, Belfast City Hall,
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Honorary Fellowship for contribution to Visual Performance conferred by Dartington
College of Art, Dartington, England
Research Awards from the University of Ulster to conduct visual research and present
art performances abroad
Research Awards from Ulster Polytechnic for Art Exhibitions, Performances and
Installations and communicating information regarding the Belfast MA Fine Art
programme in North America and Canada, etc.

Solo exhibitions
Actuation (Performance/Installation). Artkontact Festival of Performance Art and New Media, Lublin, Poland
Joint Actuation (with Boris Nieslony). International Performance Festival, Huesca, Spain
"No Nemesis", Mixed Media Installation. "In Memoriam" Exhibition, New Art Gallery, Walsall, England
Black Market International Performance. "Bone 3" Performance Festival, Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, Switzerland
"Rain Rein Reign", Performance/Lecture. "Bone 3" Performance Festival, Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, Switzerland
"Lid Off A Daffodil", Actuation (Performance/Installation). Performance Art Festival, c/o Centre
Galego de Arte Contemporanea in Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Actuation for SQAL/LP, international performance series, c/o Fishing Museum, Brighton Beach, Brighton, England
"So to Speak"(i) Actuation for Castle of Imagination 8th Performance Art Festival, c/o Centre of Contemporary Art "The Baths", Gdansk, Poland
"So to Speak" (ii) Actuation for Castle of Imagination 8* Performance Art Festival, c/o Galena Bielska Bwa, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
"Hill of Mael" Actuation for 5th Internationale Performancetage, Kunstraum, Giswil, Switzerland
Actuation for the End of Millennium Performance Project, Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway
"Stolons" (ii) Actuation, c/o Trace, Installaction Art Space, Cardiff, Wales
"Vael" (ii) Actuation (performance/installation), Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
"Vael" (iii) Actuation (performance/installation) for NIPAF 2000, the 7th Nippon Performance Art
Festival, c/o Neon Hall, Nagano, Japan
" Vael" (iv) Actuation (performance/installation) for NIPAF 2000, the 7th Nippon Performance Art
Festival, c/o Nanatsudera Kyodoh Studio, Nagoya, Japan
"Vael" (v) Actuation (performance/installation) for NIPAF 2000, the 7th Nippon Performance Art
Festival, c/o Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Black Market International and System HM^T Performance, Expo 2000, German Pavilion, Hanover, Germany
Black Market International and System HM^T Performance, Marktplatz, Hildesheim, Germany
Group Exhibitions (1997-2000)
"Stolons", 8 works on paper for New Works on Paper, Group Show, c/o Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Participation in "Physical Letters" Sculptural Installation, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, England
Participation in "Artist-Banknote-Works" Exhibition, Museum Fur Moderne Kunst, Weddel, Germany
Participation in "Chance Future", Artpool Art Reseach Center, Hungary
"Bode Node", seven A5 drawings included in R Demarco Seventy Over Two Thousand Drawing
Exhibition, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, Kingston on Thames, England
"Coming to Meet (II), single photowork in "Sternkarte", Stadt Galerie, Bern, Switzerland
"Medium 4". International Exhibition of Living Art Documentation, St. Gheorghe Art Gallery, St. Gheorghe, Romania
"Rebate Blank" - Installation for Monviso Re Di Pietra exhibition, c/o Spazioarte, Manta, Italy
"Sztuki" - 24 hour non-stop Actuation (Performance/Installation) at Fort Sztuki, 31-322 Krakow, Poland

Private collections in America, Canada, Italy, Poland, Germany, Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.
Public collections of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Arts Council of England, and Limerick City Art Gallery

'MAEL/as is'
performance/installation, 2001

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