MITLYANSKAYA Alexandra/Russia

(born 17.04.1958  in Moscow, Russia)
Lives and works in Moscow, Russia

1. "A Pair IV", 2001, video
The project consists of a series of photographs and a video-installation. The main characters are the curators of the general project "Art of tortures and executions - art against tortures and executions" E. Tsvetaeva and E. Umansky. Such a change in the roles, - curators, i.e. authoritative figures, find themselves in the position of the artist's victims, which, in theory, are supposed to be manipulated with, - is connected with the existential aspect of my project. Actually, my aim was the transfer of the social connotations of the general idea into the exclusively existential field.
The existential interpretation of the plot is in the rotation of the happening forcible connection of two people. By the way, first of all, of those who voluntary became characters of the story, secondly, who are closely connected with each other in real life. "The passion for breaks" inevitably appears, but, willing to realize, it only complicates the forcible confluence, making the liberation impossible. With the close-ups on the video (the detail becomes the whole) "the human" texture is turning into the texture of the "art" as such - into the grain of more and more intent stages of the computer origin. The motif stops being obvious, the hidden fragments of the surface regain the integral meaning only with returning to the beginning of the "story". The association with the theme of Anthoniony's film "Blow up" (and, accordingly, with the motif of Kortasar's story "Devil's slobber"), where life unexpectedly acquires new forms through the "short-sighted" optics of the camera, in this case turns out to be paradoxically turned over: the life here, on the contrary, stops being recognizable, loses its "the quality" and the multi-dimensional character, turning into the abstract papillary pattern.
In reality the characters finally freed themselves from chains. In the film "the story" of attempts of liberation moves in a circle. This meditative "torture" of the infinite process without an end is an attempt to make the very existential rhythm of the total violence poignant for the spectators.

2. "Present", 2000, 4 photos
The reinterpretation and revaluation of the perception of complicated and varied world of events, multiple ways of their interpretation allow me to see "the present" of tzar Herod to Salomeya in this way.

1981 Graduated from the Arts Faculty of Moscow Institute of Polygraphy
1989 Member of the Artists' Union of Russia
1995   Grant-holder of Berlin Academy of Arts, Germany

Solo exhibitions
1997 State Russian Museums, St.-Petersburg (catalogue).
2000 "Heads and around". Gallery of the Club "Project O.G.I." Moscow.

Group exhibitions
1995     "Depository". Exhibition Hall "On Soljanka", Moscow, Russia
1995 "Moscow meets Berlin". Dresden Bank, Berlin, Germany
1995/96 "Results". Exhibition of grant-holders of Berlin Academy of Arts
Academy of Arts, Berlin, Germany; Institute Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
1997  "The Collection of Е. Nutovich". The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia
1997   Gallery "Today" in International Art Fair "Art Manege", "Manege", Moscow.
1998   Project "Pereslavskije dialogues" within the framework of the II International Fotobiennale, "Manege", Moscow                                  
1998  Projects "Snakes". Gallery "Today" in the International Art Salon "Аrt Salon-98", Moscow, Russia.
1999 "Sardines in oil". The Kaliningrad Branch NCCA, World Ocean Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia.
2000  "In space of traditions". National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Tomsk regional art museum, Tomsk;  Krasnoyarsk art museum, Krasnoyarsk; Kemerovo regional museum of fine arts, Kemerovo; Novosibirsk art gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia.
2000 "Traditions in new art". The project of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts within the framework of a regional festival of contemporary art in Ivanovo, Russia.
2000-2001 "Edge". National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Novosibirsk art gallery, Kurgan regional art museum, Kemerovo regional museum of fine arts.
2000 "А.Konstantinov, А.Mitlyanskaya, V.Orlov". Liechtenstein, Vaduz, Galerie um Lindenplatz
2001   "Suprembyt". The Club "House", Moscow, Russia
"Adaptation". Museum and public Center named by А.D. Saharov, Moscow, Russia
"The Soviet exhibition". Gallery "Street O.G.I.", Moscow, Russia

'A Pair IV'
video, 2001

4 photos, 2000

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