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Founded in 1996, St Petersburg, Russia

A mouse-trap is a household item having a lot of symbolic aspects: the symbol of temptation and possible free stuff, the tool for crime and the tool for punishment (two in one, like in the shampoo Head&Shoulders), for the pragmatic technocrats it is a mechanical cat, and for the especially impressionable immature Turgenevs ladies it is a Guillotine!

Part I
The collection of real mouse-traps, traps, loops-stranglers and other tools for murder (or execution) of poor animals rodents, that Vladimir Kozin has been carefully collecting for years with educational, research and, probably, condemning (!) purposes. (Its worth mentioning that Vladimir Kozin is an honest family man and affectionate father who never tortured animals in his childhood). At the moment the collection comprises 26 mouse-traps. Most of them are handicraft and made with the use of various materials: wood, iron wire, zinc-coated and non-rusting steel and even plastic. Some of them bear special marking, signs, drawings and attempts of designer decorations. They also differ in the form, construction, modification and size (the smallest mouse-trap is 37 cm in size). The countries-producers are: Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Germany, England, Poland, Sweden.

Part II
Conceptual original photographic series by Vladimir Kozin. The series consists of 26 black-and-white photographs sized 30x40 cm. All the photographs are dedicated to the large-size, documentary (or, if you want, criminal) shooting of mouse-traps and traps against the deep black background. The photographs are printed on the special documentary paper and toned in the original way by the artist. 

Thus, the installation Garden of the splitting paths. Library for mice takes from the sphere of direct function a whole series of tools for murder and aggression, and produces to the onlooker a wide range of aesthetic and ethical speculations concerning changeability and variability of the fate of the living beside us biological species, whose fates are separated by the garden of the splitting paths. 

Group members:
Sergey Spirihin ( born in 1963), artist, philosopher, writer.
Inga Nagel ( born in 1965), artist.
Igor Panin ( born in 1961), artist, designer.
Vadim Fliagin ( born in 1958), artist.
Vladimir Kozin ( born in 1953), artist.

The New Stupid works in a variety of genres in contemporary art: performance, object, installation, video, and photography. Since 1996, the group has made over 70 various events: exhibitions, street actions, performances, happenings.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

 2nd, 3rd, 4th St.Petersburg Biennial of Contemporary Art and Performance. Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St Petersburg

Solntsevorot, 1st and 2nd festivals of contemporary art and theatre. Baltiysky Dom Theatre, Kharms Festival, Akhmatova Museum, St.Petersburg

Anatomy of Contemporary Art of Petersburg, Art Collegium gallery, St Petersburg

Art On Fingertips, joint initiative of the State Russian Museum, Borey art gallery, The New Stupid art group. Work with mentally retarded children.
Exhibition dedicated to the opening of the Museum of Children's Art, State Russian Museum, Marble Palace, St Petersburg

All Petersburg annual exhibitions, Central Exhibition hall Manege, St.Petersburg
Russian Cosmos project. Officina gallery, Szettin, Poland; Manhattan gallery, Lodz, Poland 2000
Unofficial Capital Festival, St.Petersburg

Dar Contemporary Art Festival, Yaroslavl, Russia

Travelling Museum Mouse-Trap of Contemporary Art

The Travelling Museum Mouse-Trap of Contemporary Art is a cultural institution established by a group of artists Association New Stupid. The museum was established in 1998 with support of the gallery Borey and the artistic magazine Maximka. The originator of the idea and museum director is Vladimir Kozin. Deputy director for research is Vadim Flyagin. Press secretary is Dmitry Pilikin.
The concept of the museum is characterized by extreme (reaching the top of stupidity) democratic nature, simplicity and lack of any curators tyranny. A guest artist (irrespective of his artistic, aesthetic, political, or other orientation) is handed a single module and then he is left face-to-face with the artistic problem, the solution of which is the final artifact that is included into the collection. Thus, all the participants are placed in EQUAL CONDITIONS, that allows to unify and systematize the museum project.
Thanks to the compactness and original packing (the whole collection occupies one specially chosen case) the museum becomes a thing in itself and that is why it is ready to be exhibited in practically any space ranging from the National Museum and Municipal Gallery to the library, students classroom, railway station and railway carriage. 
The collection of the Museum is constantly widening. At the moment it comprises more than 100 items. All of them are ORIGINAL WORKS, performed in the technique of painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, collage, mixed technique, object and objectless art.
The collection of the Museum quite fully represents the works of the leading artists from St Petersburg of the late XXth early XXIst centuries: of the artistic groups Mitki, New Academy of Fine Arts, New Stupid, of the gallery Photoimage, of the Cultural Center 10, Pushkinskaya, and also the works of artists from Moscow, Yaroslavl, Poland, Ukraine, France, and Israel. 

The Travelling Museum Mouse-Trap of Contemporary Art has shown its collection at:
1998 Borey gallery, St Petersburg
1998 Manhattan gallery, Lodz
1998 Officyna gallery, Shchetsyn
1999 Museum of Non-conformist art, St Petersburg
2000 Yaroslavl art museum, Yaroslavl

Kozin Vladimir Petrovich was born in Lvov (Ukraine) on February, 26, 1953. In 1980 he graduated from the Mukhinas Higher Artistic and Industrial College in Leningrad (department of architectural and decorative plastic). Has been member of the Russias Artists Union since 1984. Has been member of the artistic group Association New Stupid since 1996. Works as a freelance artist in the field of printed textile, objects, installation, performance, video-art. Director and curator of the travelling Museum mouse-trap of contemporary art.     

Solo exhibitions
1994, 10 Egyptian executions, Gallery 21, St Petersburg
1995, Text, Borey gallery, St Petersburg
1995, Naphthalene ballet, Gallery 103, St Petersburg
1995, Sails for barge haulers, Gallery 21, St Petersburg
1995, About nothing but the swimming ladies, Gallery 103, St Petersburg
1999, Mother-in-law, Borey gallery, St Petersburg
2000, NIHIL, Navicula Artis gallery, St Petersburg
2000. Red and black, Borey gallery, St Petersburg

As a member of the Association New Stupid took part in more than 70 various artistic events: exhibitions, festivals, happenings, actions, performances. 

'Garden of the splitting paths.
Library for mice'
(collection Vladimir Kozins instalation)

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