OSTRETSOV Georgy/Russia

b. 1967, Moscow, Russia Lives and works in Moscow, Russia 1984 Graduated from specialized school of Theater and Art, department of Decorative Art at Bolshoj Theater, Moscow, Russia Founder and Chief-editor of art-magaze "Russian Jungle". Lived and worked in Paris, France in 1988 - 1998. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia

"Sexecutions machines", 2001, drawings
Series of drawings "Sexecutions machines" by Gosha Ostretsov is an honest artist's reply to the project's "Art of tortures and executions" head theme. Art works presented by sketches of naive sado-masochistic constructions, in which - looking like comics' personages - men and women are imprisoned and obviously suffered… full of enthusiasm. "Sexecuted" tightened up in leather costumes with attributes of sado-masochistic esthetic, which turns tortures into a "stylish action". It could be said, that these are "executions from stylist Ostretsov". Thus, the series reveal the style's aspect of this obscure side in human behavior. At the same time, the common heroic pathos in the works get ironic overtone: one can note, that the part of sexual tortures' instruments play usual things and mechanisms.
As Gosha himself says: "I always wondered at the strange design of cloak-room's coat-racks - with balls on the end, as if they specially were made for sexual fantasies".

Personal exhibitions
1985 - "Cranes fly" during the XVII All-Union Group Exhibition of Young Artists, House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
1987 - House of Medical Men, Moscow, Russia
1997 - "Christmas in Latex", Centre Gai et Lesbien, Paris, France
1998 - Club "Craj", Moscow, Russia
1999 - "Collection # 11", Institute for Contemporary Arts, Soros' Foundation, Moscow, Russia
2000 - "Diventa la Vittima", Nadia Baldeschi Arte Contemporanea, Venice, Italy; "Government of Future", Guellman Gallery, Moscow; "Visitor", The State Russian Museum, Murble Palace, Saint Petersburg, Russia; TV-gallery, Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions
1985/86 - exhibitions at association of non-conformist artists "Children Garden", Moscow
1987 - exhibitions of Art Association "Hermitage", Profsojuznaja, 100, Moscow; ASSA' Festival, exhibition during premiere of film by Sergej Solovjov, Moscow; Russian Non-conformist Art of 1980s, Group exhibitions of Art Association "Hermitage", Amsterdam; Fasion Collection "Star Wars", Editorial Office of "Moda" magazine & Exhibition Hall on Kashirskaja, Moscow; "Festival Culture", exhibition Hall on Kashirskaja, Moscow, Russia
1988 - Collection "Various Professions", Sheremetiev' Palace, Ostankino, Moscow; "Political Fashion", Exhibition Hall on Kashirskaja, Moscow; "Red Wedding", exhibition Hall on Kashirskaja, Moscow, Russia
1990 - Arte Sacra Biennal, Venice, Italy
1991 - "Archaeology" ( based on motives of Russian folk toys), exhibition Hall at Znamenskij Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
1992 - Manifestazione culturale di ilustratori francesi, Paris, France
1993 - Istambul Biennale, Turkey; Curatorial project "By Ways of Truth", Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
1993/1996 - Artist and stylist of shows of French cuturie Jan Sharl de Castelbazak
1996 - Collection of Latex Masks and Suits. Presentation at the galleries of 13th District - at Gallery Jennifer Fly, Gallery Emmanuel Perrotin and Gallery Praz-Delavallade, devoted to the Openning of the Center for Contemporary Art in Paris, France 1997 - Created Collection of Masks and Suits for Luc Besson' Film "Taxi"
1998 - "Mama", Natasha Rukhadze Gallery, Moscow; Commic Strips, Moscow Fine Art Gallery, Moscow; "Fashion and Style in Photography", Manege, Moscow, Russia
1999 - Eastern Europe after the Berlin Wal, Photographs and Video Art, Marble Palace, State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia; "Motherland or Death", Zverev Center of Arts, Moscow; Agitational Commic Strip for Museum of Contemporary Art in Tsaritsino, Moscow; "Collection # 11" at Festival of Avantgarde Fashion, Tbilisi, Georgia; "Defence # 11" at Festival ALDA MODA, Culture' Club named by Ordgonikidze, Moscow
2000 - "ARTE" magazine, Milan, Italy; "Youth meets the III Tousand Years", Central House of Artists, Moscow; "Ghosts", Klariska Center, X Month of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia
2001 - International workshop "Contemporary Art. Ecology of art in an industrial landscape", Nizhny Tagil State Art Museum, Nizhny Tagil, Russia

'Sexecutions machines', 2001, drawings

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