"RAKETA" group/Sweden

Members of the group:
Maria Backman (Stockholm, Sweden)
Helena Bystrom (Stockholm, Sweden)
Asa Lipka Falck (Stockholm, Sweden)
Anna Rainer (Oakland, CA, USA)  
Hanna Sjoberg (Berlin, Germany)
Katarina Wiklund (Stockholm, Sweden)

Until the end of 1944 ten thousands of Jews from the of nazi Germany occupied areas in Eastern Europe are gathered for slave labour in concentration camps in East Prussia. In the evacuation which occur during the Red Army's approach SS kills almost all of the Jews.3700 people most of them Jewish women are forced by the SS from Konigsberg to the coast. The death march ends at Palmnicken in a massacre at shore of the Baltic Sea on the night of the 31st of January 1945. Only 13 women survives. Palmnicken is now called Jantarnoje.
This videofilm is made during a trip from Kaliningrad to Jantarnoje on the third of February, 2001.
The testemonies from the massacre are collected from "Der junge von der Bernsteinkuste" by Martin Bergau and edited for the film "Jantarnoje 3 February 2001 - Palmnicken 31 January 1945" by Raketa.

Koenigsberg (Rus. Kaliningrad) former capital of East Prussia, now Russia. (...)
By 1716 there were 36 Jewish families in Koenigsberg: the first synagogue was constructed in 1756, when the community numbered around 300 persons. A steady stream of immigrants from Russia gradually swelled this figure to 1027 in 1817, 5082 (3.6% of the total) in 1880, and 4049 in 1925, later declining to 3200 persons by 1933. (...)
On Nov.10, 1938, the main synagogue was burned down. The hasidic, Polish, and Orthodox ones were similary destroyed. (...)
A year later only 1585 Jews remained. In 1941-42, 763 were deported to Theresienstadt. (...) In early 1944 only 60 families were left in the town. The jews who remained in Koenigsberg after the war were expelled by the Russians in 1948 together with the Germans.

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Snow, the solid form of water that crystallizes in the atmosphere and, falling to the Earth, covers, permanently, about 23 percent of the Earth's surface. (...)
Snow cover has a significant effect on climate and on plant, animal and human life. By increasing the reflection of solar radiation and interfering with the conduction of heat from the ground, it induces a cold climate. The low heat conduction protects small plants from the effects of the lowest winter temperatures.


RAKETA creates situations, and seeks new sites for discussion in and around the common "public space" - All in an artistic context. The actions of RAKETA can be seen as an open room in which you can go in and out. That applies to the members of RAKETA as it does to invited guests.
The artist group RAKETA consists, at the moment, of six women artists living in Stockholm, Berlin and San Francisco.
Since late Autumn 2000 RAKETA has been renting a window display space from SL at Munkbroleden. This window can be seen as a "portal" , an opening to their activities, a public space for discussions.
During the third week of February 2001, the biggest apartment in Stockholm was shown in the window. Invited by RAKETA, it was created by the architects Fahlander and Vegesack on the theme compact living. They inverted the city and created a home on the pavement.
In connection with this installation RAKETA will arrange a seminar in April, an Art Salon around the theme, living. The gender issue, both private and public, is important for RAKETA.
On the homepage - - you can follow RAKETA'S activities - RAKETA in Ireland, Gotland and Kaliningrad - and the action The Study of the Upper Air' - a poetique gesture in the public air space.
During the Spring RAKETA has invited the artist group "Daily Services", Berlin and National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad.
RAKETA participated in ARDARA - Artists Resource Centre Project, an Exhibition of International Artist Collective Groups, September 2000, part of the yearly Art Fair BUNTUS, Ardara in Ireland.
In July 2001 RAKETA is invited to Ardara for a continuation of the project with a work for the public space.
RAKETA has also been invited to Berlin for a cooperation with the "Museum der Unerhorten Dinge".
RAKETA is applying for the post of Director at the Gotland Art Museum. RAKETA is participating in Stockholm Art Fair, March 8 - 11th 2001.

3 February 2001
Palmnicken 31 January 1945
video-film, 2001

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