CHEPELYK Oksana / Ukraine

(born 14.02.61, Kiev, Ukraine)

Video performance "The Chronicles from Fortinbras" is a feminist project examining the reality as a existential torture, which is a metaphor of a woman existence in our world. The tension existing between the sexes leads to the greater straining. A woman always was an object of violence. The short moments of the violence flashes. The performance interprets reality as an existential total torture as if increases the time frames of local flashes where the space between the excesses - occasional, treated by law and right institutions - is filled by the everyday ordinary tortures and executions which can not be verified because of lack of statistics. That is why the proposed project should be a reasonable act of art reflection on the given subject.
In this action there will be the events of a special value as :Manifesto of "Abolition of Execution for the President", as a final result - the photo installation of " The Body Voice", fixing the macro-plans of corporal injuries accompanied by narratives of victims about the origin of such a traces. (traces - consequences.)
The problem of "Abolition of Execution for the President" seems to be actual for any Chief of the State. Especially for Eastern Europe and ex-socialist ones. The formula of the "Abolition of the Execution for a President" is rather ambiguous it is not absolutely clear if the proposition is directed "pro" or "contra" as the responsibility for wars, mass terror is admitted and still it is the politics as in case of Miloshevitch, Putin, Husseyn. Remarkable is the involvement of the people in the process - here are the soldiers tacking part in the conflict, and the special contingent of their mothers, wives and so on. The Kutchma case is exceptional at all - only six months later the accident the wife of disappeared journalist Gongadze was named a victim.
The demonstration of the body with injuries in the photo installation "The Body Voice" is very similar to the situation around the Tarastsha corp. Each photo is followed by the audio story of the victim. The certain interactivity is proposed - one can select a photo to select the Story. Can one select the HISTORY ?
The performance took place in April 2001 in Kiev neglected plant in the aim of Short Film realization, which presents within the Open Social Network project - "The Art of the tortures and executions - the Art Against the Tortures and Executions".

Membership :.
1993 - AIAG International Association of Artists Based in Germany
1994 - Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Education :
1978 - 1984 Kiev State Art Institute, Ukraine.
1986 - 1988 Post-graduate course, Moscow, Russia
1998 - University, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2000 - Bauhaus-Kolleg, Dessau, Germany

Exhibits since 1988

Professional activities:
Video and media festivals
1998 - "Dreamcatcher" (Grand-Prix);
* "Open Night" (III Prize); - "Internyet", MOMA, New-York, USA;
- "Colosseum Project" London, UK; - "Molodist", Kiev, Ukraine;
* "Cyber Feminist International Festival" St. Petersburg, Russia;
* "French-Baltic-Nordic", Tallinn, Estonia;
1999 - "European Media Art Festival", Osnabruck, Germany;
* "Open Night" Short Film Festival (I International, II National prizes), Kiev, Ukraine;
* "FilmVideo-99" International Short film festival (Prize), Montecatini, Italy;
* "Cyberarts99" Ars Electronica, Vienna, Austria
* "Molodist" International Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine;
* "Media-Non Grata" Tallinn, Estonia;
* "Input" International Conference, Moscow, Russia;
2000 - "Molodist" International Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine;
- ISEA2000 International Symposium on Electronic art, Paris, France.

One person exhibitions:
1988 - "Cross" action-installation, Hydroparc, Kiev
1992 - "Life of Structures" Cultural Center, Paris, France
1993 - "Storm of Trompettes" performance-installation, Hydroparc, Kiev.
1994 - "The ways of our Memory" French Cultural Center, Kiev
- "Three States" The Modern Art Center "Barva", Kiev
- "Traces", French Cultural Center, Kiev (catalog)
1996 - "Vagabond Island of Lesbos", Slavoutich Center for Contemporary Arts, Kiev (catalog)
- "Breakfast on the Grass", Luc Queyrel Gallery, Paris, France
1997 - "Is the Clothes a Shelter ?" Action in Graphic Triennial, Art Gallery, Kiev (catalog)
- "1 + 1..." Luc Queyrel Gallery, Paris, France
- "The Mysteries of Eurasia", Cite International of Arts, Paris, France
- "The Mysteries of Eurasia" Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, USA
- "The Mysteries of Eurasia", Mayana Gallery, New-York, USA
1998 - "House of Horrors", Karas Gallery, Kiev
- "Piece of Shit", BANFF Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada
- "Leader's Favourite Toys" Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, Canada
1999 - "Evident Unavoidable", "Dakh" Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev (catalog)
- "Sleep of excited shape", Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine (catalog)
2000 - "Free D", Bauhaus-Kolleg, Dessau, Germany

'Chronicles from Fortinbras'
performance, video
photography, audio, 2001

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