CERNICKY Jiri/ Czech Republic

CERNICKY Jiri/ Czech Republic
(born 1.08.1966, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic)

"The First Mass Produced Death" - is a work where the process of creation is as important as the resulting product itself. The result is a digital print where we can see a series of serially produced helmets. Their perfect design is suggestive of "screaming human skulls". Their shape was created at the "design centre" of a German automobile company, by scanning Munch's painting, "The Scream".
With this work I was particularly interested in the possibility of using design as a language capable of influencing the consciousness of the consumer masses. In designing the shape of the helmets I used a computer program with the ability to create an ideal shape and perfect surface for an object intended for high speeds according to the rules of aerodynamics. It was important the helmets be produced at a prosperous company that had taken part in the industrial murder of innocent people during the Second World War, naturally under the management of the state apparatus. These same companies are now obstructing the pay out of compensation for those who were part of this "slave labour" force.
In recent years, I have dealt with the visual side of industrial design in relation to something witch I could characterize as "notorious humanity". On the one hand it is an industry, influencing masses of consumers through its universal, perfect, and impersonal visual presentation ' on the other hand, there are sensitive individuals with their individual problems and joys - directed by very throughly considered commercial design. In this regard, it is interesting for me to develop a new type of hybrid design (social, political, existential...) . I would love to insert under its dead and perfectly seductive surface that which is typical for living beings - emotions (sadness, joy, fear), death, sickness, and so on. I really try to infect industrial design with the viral beauty of human misery and imperfection .

1993 - 97
Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
1990 - 93            
Academy of Applied Arts in Prague
1987 - 90            
Pedagogical Faculty in Usti n. Labem
1983 - 87            
School of Applied Arts in Jablonec n. Nisou

1996 -The Soros award at the Biennial of Young Artist
1998 - The Chalupecky Award              

Solo exhibitions
2001 - Gallery - club "Otok", Dubrovnik, Croatia
2001 - M. Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia
2001 - Galerie Jiri Svestka, Svestka Gallery, Praha
2001 - TENT. Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam, Holland
2001 - "SONY garden",MAMA Gallery, Rotterdam, Holland
2000 - "Jiri Cernicky", Czech Front Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2000 - "The Luxury of Grief",POST Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2000 - "Bin Ladin?s lanp"- Spala  Gallery, Praha
1999 - "BA ROCK , Alergik", Galerie hlavniho mesta Prahy, The Prague City Gallery, Praha
1998 - Academy of Fine Art Berlin, Germany
1998 - Centre of  Polish Sculpture Oronsko - Poland
1997 - Galerie U bileho  jednorozce, Klatovy
1996 - "St. GAME", E.Filla Gallery , USTI n.L
1996 - "St. GAME", Pecka Gallery, Praha

Selected group exhibitions (2001-2000)
2001 - "Triennial of Smallscale",Fellbach, Germany
2001 - "Youth Salon", Zagreb Fair Building, Zagreb, Croatia
2000 - "Bohemian Birds", Kunst Haus Dresden, Germany
2000 - "maleDIGITAL"Gallery Medium, Bratislava
2000 - "East of Eden", Centre of culture Poznan castle, Wyspa Gallery, Gdansk, Poland
2000 - "100+1 Art Works of the Twentieth Century, The Czech Museum of FineArts, Prague  
2000 - "Actual Infinity",  The Prague City Gallery, Praha
2000 - "Inner City Pressure",ROXY Gallery, Praha
2000 - "Story", ROXY Gallery, Praha
2000 - "Art in the World 2000", cuiee du pont Alexandre III, PARIS, FRANCE
2000 - "After the Wall", Ludwig Museum Budapest, Hungary, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin Germany
2000 - "The End of the World", NG v Praze, (Palac Kinskych), National Gallery in Prague
2000 - "Place and Between", Bergen, Norwey
2000 - "All You Need Is Love" The Centre of Polish Art - Laznia,  Gdansk, Poland

'The First Mass Produced Death'
digital print, 105 cm x 140 cm.
(The 2 part of the work
'The First Mass Produced Schizophrenia'), 2000

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