SHABUROV Alexander/ Russia

(Was born on 25th August, 1965 in the town of Berezovsky in the Sverdlovsk region)
Lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow

Brief description
From the series of projects "Immediate expression of feelings", based on the fact that the human face is the most effective and spectacular means of the information transmission, the universal code. That is why by means of his own face the artist-medium illustrates the communicative function of the art - transmits the emotional states into the outer world. At the same time this is a humorous reply to the performances of the artist Mavromati, who demonstrated: at the times of circulations and quotations an artist can be of any sense only feeling pain, being exposed to the outer impact. That's what we have here: the artist Shaburov places himself in such situations, when it is not necessary to pretend, when he really feels hunger, humidity, discomfort, etc., as a result of which on his face appear funny and touching grimaces.
In this case his head in the TV, buried in the back side of the screen, is slowly flooded with water (because of which he has to make a wry face in the funny manner) to the noise of the pouring water and the music from the film "Titanic".        

Education and аrt-activities
From 1980 to 1986 studied at the Sverdlovsk College of Art.
From 1986 to 1990 worked as a photographer in the regional forensic and medical morgue and as a restorer in the Museum of History and Regional Studies.
In 1991-92 published (in collaboration with V. Kuritsyn) the anthology of the Russian parodies about Sherlock Holmes and established the Urals Holmes Society.
Since 1993 he has been a member of the RF Artists' Union.
In 1988 he received a grant from the Soros Foundation for the dental treatment and denture as an artistic action. He is the author of the "soil" strategy in the contemporary art - of the arranging private life with the artistic methods.

Author of the exhibitions and artistic projects
1988 -  When I was a child
1989 -  From the archives of the amateur photographer M., born in 1927
 The list of things happening outside my window, made up on 18th October, 1989
 The list of objects surrounding me, made up on 19th October, 1989
1990 -  My everyday way from home to the bus stop. Pictures taken after each 15 steps.
 My everyday way from the bus stop to my home. Pictures taken after each 15 steps.
1991 -  5th May, 1990. 17.04-17.08 I am taking pictures without taking off the cover from the camera
1994 -  Shaburov Sasha Christ
 My beauty will save the world
This is the first one
It was me who taught the world how to copy
Russian Frankenstein
1995 - Superman Ivan Zhaba. Folk Museum of New Russian Bogatyr
1996 - Hello to Inna
About love
The experience of delirium of love madness
Enjoyments of ordinary people
1997 - Battle for Moscow (in collaboration with A. Golizdrin)
R051- Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (in collaboration with D. Bulnygin,
A. Golizdrin, O. Elov, V. Mizin)
1998 - Berezovsky conceptualist
Dental treatment and denture
Who will die how
2000 - Russian Buddha

Author of the books
The book of the books, written separately in April - May 1990 and published together in September - October 1992
Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes in the Russian translations and transformations. 1991-92 Hero of our times. 1987
Life of a superman. 1995
Enjoyments of ordinary people. 1996

The selected collective exhibitions
1999 -  A. S.P.-200. NCCA, Nizhny Tagil; Nizhny Novgorod
 The cultural heroes of the XXI centuries. Guelman Gallery. Cultural Centre
 named after A. Zverev, Moscow
 The mad double. The state collection of contemporary art. The Central Artists'
 House, Moscow; France
2000 - The Dynamic pairs. Guelman Gallery. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow
 Serials. NCCA. Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow
 Art against geography. Guelman Gallery. State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
 The sea. NCCA, Sochi
 Sides. NCCA, Novosibirsk, Kurgan
2001 - Adaptation. Museum named after A. Sakharov, Moscow

Video for the Celine Dion's song
'My love will go on' 2001

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